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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 07-06-2008 Waterford Hills Open Track Day View Webcam for 07-06-2008 6 COMMENTS
Waterford Racing Today was open track day at Waterford Hills race track. Despite the fact that Leinnintiger was the one who alerted me to the event, he was nowhere to be found the entire day, which made me sad. Fortunately my neighbor was excited enough to join me instead as his dad works there, and at 10:00am we were off and racing. One of the workers at the event drove me around the track a few times prior to my sessions to point out the best places to enter and apex the turns. It definitely helped me carry my speed along the track all day. I was surprised to find myself passing other cars when I was sure I'd be waving people past all day. I also experienced brake fade for the first time in my life, and it's definitely a scary experience. Since all 3 of my sessions were just hot laps, there was no timing, so the only measure of how well I was doing was based on who I passed. I was in the mid-level experience group, but I'm sure I just got lucky and started behind the lower experienced racers.
Session 1: Passed Alfa Romeo Milano and a Honda Prelude
Session 2: Passed my neighbor's SVT focus, got passed by a firebird and Sti
Session 2: Passed a Jetta and a Mustang GT (think he was a novice driver).
Also got this horrible attempt at an on-track video thanks to my lack of any proper camera mounting equipment. Track racing beats AutoCross hands down. Needless to say I'm already signed up for the next event.
User Comments for 07-06-2008:
ahhh brake fade. I agree, it's damn right creepy.
A Jetta passed you...should of put him in the wall yelling.."cougay this!!!"
Ah glad to hear you beat your neighors vette, and camaro killer focus! lol
Get some real brake pads: Hawk DTC-60 Get some sticky tires: Toyo RA1 or Hoosier R6 (A6 of you're going to autocross) Get sick of only passing on the straightaways and get a competition license. Then get a car you're not afraid to ball up and race like a real man ;-)
... seriously... I'm just glad you got out there and saw what you and your car could do. Talk me into taking my Neon out there in October... Maybe you can try it on a few laps...
you need to instruct your neighboor on how to capture your whole car in the picture on the track.

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