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Rating: 3 - Link to this Article 03-23-2008 Easter Miracle View Webcam for 03-23-2008 4 COMMENTS
Easter included a stop at the flatlanders to celebrate the anniversary of the spawn of Melanie and Jaird. I of course sent them an e-card to congratulate them, and loaned out Lisa for some last minute wrapping. Sunday breakfast yielded a jellybean zygote Easter miracle, which Lisa was very excited to witness.
User Comments for 03-23-2008:
I can't believe stavos hasn't commented on this yet. He must be feeling sick. Or he's depressed I'm moving to phoenix. Where its warm and we don't get any of this snow shit.
There's just no point anymore since the Morlock is moving. I'm jumping off the building without my glasses so you know i'm serious.
Are you going to ebay the Jellybean zygote?
I think i know a british guy that might buy it.

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